Friday, December 16, 2011

In 2008 my eye cancer surgeon Dr. Trent Wallace talked to MetLife’s consultant Dr. Yanik without having seen me since 2003.
Dr. Wallace did not even view the medical records from when he performed eye cancer surgery in 2002 and 2003.

No one had a valid authorization to discuss my medical records !!

MetLife’s Dr. Yanik  never saw me and never spoke to me !

Without my knowledge he wrote a report and quoted Dr. Wallace as saying that I would have no limitations in 2008 !!

How would he know without having seen me or my medical records during the last five years !!

MetLife used that report to deny my claim.

The Court had just ordered them to conduct a full and fair review of my claim !!
Everything just mentioned occurred at the exact time I was at my fathers bedside as he struggled desperately for breath during his last hours.

I needed every bit of my strength to be there for my father while also surviving my handicaps, falls, and accidents that are being completely ignored by MetLife and all the doctors MetLife pays !!

I took time that I should have been with my father and drove to Nashville to see Dr. Wallace while having one eye legally blind and severe visual problems in the other eye because of surgery (where the eye was removed from the socket and bone removed that internally exposed my brain)

Dr. Wallace is Chief of Ophthalmology at Baptist Hospital in Nashville and he admitted he had not seen my medical records when Yanik called him because they were in storage. Wallace had not seen me for five years when he spoke to Yanik, but Dr. Wallace had the nerve to tell me to find someone to trump what he said. He would not correct his errors !!

I handed him many pages of medical evidence but Dr. Wallace did not look at them !!

Now in 2011 I've been banned from speaking to my surgeon Dr. Wallace !!

In 2011 MetLife faxed a report from their consultant Dr. Osbahr to Dr. Wallace and my Optometrist Dr. Jessup.

Near the bottom of the full page cover letter MetLife told my doctors’ if they disagreed they should respond.

I told Dr. Wallace’s office manager that if he did not respond MetLife would use that to convince the Court that Dr. Wallace agreed with them.

I have seen cases where the Court accepted that logic !!

I explained it would be fine if Dr. Wallace just wrote one sentence explaining that he did not have time to read another consultant’s report and compare it to my medical records.

I had to call the office manager several times over approximately ten days. Finally the office manager told me that she was not sure Dr. Wallace would even have time write one sentence.

I explained my desperation, and asked her to read the psychologists reports online that show the damages MetLife has caused me. Later I was told to talk to Dr. Wallace’s CEO.

The CEO explained the favor that Dr. Wallace had done for me in 2010 when he wrote that I did have problems in both eyes.

I explained that while I appreciated what he wrote, Dr. Wallace should not have spoken to MetLife in 2008 or 2010 because he had no release of information and there is so much medical evidence he is not aware of.

I said Dr. Wallace was not doing me a favor by correcting false statements that MetLife’s consultant wrote as a result of these unauthorized conversations.

While Dr. Wallace told MetLife I had no limitations in 2008 without even seeing me or the medical records, Wallace would not write any specifics about limitations he thought I would have.

A day or so later I called the CEO and the office receptionist told me I was to talk to Dr. Wallace’s attorney only. I asked if I had a medical emergency could I see Dr. Wallace and she said talk to the attorney !!

If I understand correctly I am barred from seeing him, and this all happened because I asked for one sentence to be written !!

My original Retinal Specialist Dr. Arrindell is now Dr. Wallace’s partner, and I believe I am barred from seeing him too.
The attorney Mr. Jameson returned my call on a day that he said he ahd two minutes to talk.

He had told me they would help during this conversation.

Now Dr. Wallace’s attorney wants everything in writing, and I’ve had surgeries on both eyes.

All this happened because my surgeon Dr. Wallace’s office manager decided Dr. Wallace did not have time to write one sentence BUT in the past when MetLife’s fraudulent consultants called him he always called them back the same day !!

In their denial letter MetLife specifically mentioned that they told my doctor’s (including Dr. Wallace) that if they disagreed they should respond.

Dr. Wallace’s name was not on the list of doctors who responded. MetLife considers him to be in agreement with the reports that are full of fraud by omissions.

Dr. Wallace and his attorney never responded to the following statements in the letter I sent to the attorney :

My left eye is so unstable I think we should reconsider unplugging the right eye because it is causing such distortions in the image I see, and my left eye is already struggling with nystagmus and images that pulse in sync with every heart beat.

Please let me know if there anyone I should see regarding how to live safely; MetLife was supposed to provide me with early intervention and vocational help, and help applying for Social Security, but instead MetLife ignored my disability claim for years.

I believe the limitations I’ve written below are my only hope to help me lessen my falls and accidents. 
(end of quotes)

Months later the attorney responded with a complaint about how many pages I submitted and a count of five phone messages I left.

He did not answer my request for help and said all further communications must come through him. That seems futile to me !!